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Episode 13: Anime Food

What foods in anime have you tried or wanted to try? Kay & Kareem discuss their favorite dishes during their trips to Japan as well as foods from popular...

Celebrating Anime Music

In an earlier episode we talked about the importance of music in anime. As a follow up to that episode we did an Instagram live session where we played...

Episode 12: Anime Music

How important is music to an anime series?
Music is supposed to catch your attention, set the mood/theme. Memorable shows can do both. What are some of your favorite anime songs?

Bonus: Westworld Season 3 Finale Recap

Westworld theme song was done by 2400Baud (Soundcloud).

Episode 11: Hokage Kareem Returns To The Hidden Leaf Village

During the month of May we are continuing the 30 Day Anime challenge. We give our thoughts on the most overrated animes as well as Kareem gives his review...

Episode 10: When Anime Entered Our Lives

We break down what is anime and its main genres. We also talk about the top animes in each category, as well as jump back in time to talk...

Bonus: Kay’s Spaztic Ducktales Rant

Kay single-handedly tackles our 80s/90s Ducktales nostalgia. What classic cartoons do you still enjoy watching? Have they remade it, if so, do you like the new version? If not,...

Episode 9: Adventures of Door Dash & Green Mile Healing

What superpowers would be great to have during the Corona virus pandemic? Haneef also reviewed the recently released (on Netflix) superpower film Code 8.  We also chat about Verzuz’s recent...

Episode 7: Quarantine And The Games That Keep Us Sane.

Kareem & Haneef discus Half Life:Alyx, Square Enix’s remake of Final Fantasy 7, as well a suggest video games to play while on Corona virus quarantine